Where should I stay?

Your choices:

  • Fidenza
  • Salsomaggiore Terme (Salso), a major Spa town, just 8km from Fidenza
  • Parma, 20km south of Fidenza

I strongly urge you to stay in Salsomaggiore Terme as I shall be organising a bus to take everyone from Salsomaggiore Terme to Fidenza for the performance on Saturday evening and then back to Salsomaggiore Terme for dinner.


When calling Italy from abroad, you do NOT drop the '0' in front of the area code. the numbers given are as they should be dialed.

Hotels in Salsomaggiore Terme:

There is no shortage of hotels in Salso. They do, however get booked up rather quickly. Accommodation varies from 4 star to Bed & Breakfast (Pensione).

You can find them all on the town's website www.salsomaggioreterme.com

2 star hotels

If you're looking for a budget hotel, the two-star Albergo Zara, proved to be very popular with friends who stayed there last time (does not have air conditioning, which should not be needed).

Albergo Zara
via Milano 26
Tel +39 0524 577 026
Prices (including breakfast):
single room: €30
double room: €52
triple room: €66

A newly refurbished and charming 2 star hotel is the
Hotel Botton d'Oro
via Gramagni 5
Tel +39 0524 573 874


3 star hotels

Hotel Kursaal
Via Romagnosi, 1
Tel +39 0524 584 090
Fax +39 0524 583 057

Hotel Principe
Viale Romagnosi 22
Tel +39 0524 573 148


4 star hotels

One of the nicer hotels is Hotel Villa Fiorita
Via Milano 2
Tel +39 0524 573 805
Fax +39 0524 581 107

Hotel Riz Ferrari
Recommended by friends who have stayed there.
Has swimming pool.
Via Milite Ignoto, 5,
Tel +39 0524 577744
Single: €75
Double: €95

Hotel Romagnosi
Piazza Berzieri 3
Tel +39 0524 576 534