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How do I get there?

Fidenza is really easy to get to. It is on the main railway and motorway link between Milan and Rome, and is half-way between Milan and Bologna, about 100km from both.

Locate Fidenza on Google Maps

Before booking your flight, check the train timetable to make sure that you'll be able to catch the last train to Fidenza, on arrival — and get to the airport, on your departure, if you have an early flight! The Italian railways have a very easy-to-use website:


The closest airports are:

  1. Milan Linate,
  2. Milan Malpensa
  3. Bologna
  4. Bergamo, near Milan

By Train

bus times | train tickets

For those of you arriving at Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa or Bergamo you need to take a bus to the main railway station in Milan, Milano Centrale (that's where the airport buses take you to).

For those arriving at Bologna , take a bus to Bologna Centrale.


Bus journey times from airport to railway station

1. Milan Linate: 20 - 30 mins

2. Milan Malpensa: 50 - 60 mins

3. Bergamo: 60 mins (to Milano Centrale) There is a station at Bergamo, but you would need to take a bus to get there, so you might as well take a bus all the way to Milan.

4. Bologna: 20 - 30 mins

Once at the train station you need to catch a train to Fidenza and if you're staying in Salso, take the shuttle train from Fidenza to Salso, a seven-minute ride. If you'd rather take a taxi, it costs about €15 to €20. Salso is 8Km from Fidenza .

The shuttle train between Fidenza and Salso runs every half-hour from Monday to Saturday, every hour on Sunday. Last shuttle trains at about 20.30 - check on the trenitalia website


Train tickets

The price depends on how fast a train you're catching, so let them know.  From slowest to fastest -

R = Regionale
RV = Regionale Veloce
IC = Intercity
ES = Frecciabianca, Frecciargento, Frecciarossa

Ticket price for R and RV is the same.

All trains require reservation apart from R and RV trains

Before boarding the train you must stamp your ticket at one of the green  boxes (or older, yellow boxes) you will see scattered around the train station, otherwise you will be fined.


By Car

NB if you're planning to hire a car, do so through your travel agent. i.e. get a fly-drive deal. It's much cheaper than hiring a car on your arrival.

From Milano Linate : there is only one long straight road that leaves the airport. Take the exist signposted Tangenziale ovest; Autostrada A 1; Bologna, etc. Follow directions for “A1 Bologna” Once on the A1 southbound, take the exit for Fidenza (˜ 90 Km from Linate). Follow signs to Fidenza Centro, then refer to Google Maps.

If you're staying in Salso, follow signs to Fidenza Centro and then to Salsomaggiore Terme.

From Milano Malpensa: take the motorway eastbound towards Milan, then the ring road southbound (Tangenziale Ovest) towards A1 – Bologna. Follow directions as above.


Extending your stay

If you're planning a holiday, Venice is 260 Km (160 miles) away, motorway all the way, 3 hrs by train (change at Bologna); Florence is 270 Km away, in the opposite direction, motorway all the way, about 2.5 hrs by train, no need to change trains, unless you want to pick up a fast train (Eurostar) in Bologna for the last 170 Km of the journey. Rome is about 600 Km (375 miles) away on the A1 motorway, no need to change trains from Fidenza unless you want to pick up a fast train from Bologna to Rome (some, but not all fast trains do not stop in Fidenza). Dolomites are about 3-4 hrs away by car.

Public transport in Italy is quite good and inexpensive, despite its dreadful reputation.