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Friends in Concert 2017 chorus costumes

Choruses in the order in which we’ll be singing them:

1.  William Tell

Swiss under the oppressive rule of the Austrians, but music is pretty and summery, so look should go with this:

Relaxed peasant look.  Peasants going to a wedding, so clothes with colour.

Scarves, nice blouses and tops.

Open neck shirts.


2.  Oberto

More formal and more serious than William Tell:

Dark colours black/ gray / dark blue.

Gentleman – Jackets ties and shirts.

Ladies - Skirts rather than trousers.

‘Catholic Sunday look’.

Respectable but not formal.


3.  Lombardi

Crusaders (1st Crusade) and pilgrims hot in the desert abandoned by God.

Traditionally in most productions the chorus is dressed in rags / sackcloth.

Ladies - nothing too complex but everything tatty.

Gentleman -  No jacket / Old shirt / Ragged trousers.


4.  Gondoliers

Before this chorus, we will have time to change into what we will wear for dinner – party finery!

On top of our party outfits, we should wear something that is associated with gondoliers – a blue & white striped T-shirt, a red scarf, a boater (hat)  (or you could make yourselves an oar out of cardboard – this is Gia’s addition!).


This chorus will not be staged and we will be wearing our party clothes and invite the audience to join us.