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The Chorus Experience

Come and experience the thrill of singing in an opera house in Italy!

You should join the chorus if:

  • you only sing in the shower and want to expand your comfort zone - most chorus members fall into this category
  • you have a passion for singing and/or opera, whether experienced or not - fortunately, there will be some very experienced singers whom the rest of us can follow!
  • you have never experienced singing in an Opera House and would like a unique opportunity to find out what it feels like
  • you know what a magnificent experience it is to sing with others and be coached by professionals
  • you have never been coached by professionals and would like the experience. It has proved, on many occasions, to be transformational!
  • you wish to indulge the senses!
    • see the little jewel of an opera house with Magnani's frescos and decorations. Magnani was Verdi’s favourite set designer. The Fidenza opera house is named after him.
    • hear the inspiring and moving music of Verdi, Mascagni, Donizetti, Rossini and J Strauss II.
    • taste the delicious cuisine of one of Italy's major gastronomic centres.